Fe·lix Gieß·mann, n.
[ˈfeːliːks ˈɡiːsˌman]

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A little bit about me from a dear friend

I noticed Felix in particular because of his unsurpassed “verbal acrobatics”. I would like to put it this way, Felix is a master of “dark humour” in its purest form, which is neither common here nor understandable for everyone and certainly not accepted universally, as it can otherwise only be found in the Anglo-Saxon world. This humour is sometimes problematic, completely politically incorrect, offensive, very intelligent, sarcastic, morbid and macabre, ambiguous, on the border of good taste (and borders can be moved, as we know), always ironic and of course, as is inherent in humour, never serious.

Even as a teenager, Felix was politically and interested in politics as a youngster. He has always dared to express his views provocatively if necessary, but never without reflection. Even before his marriage to a native Indian, he and his family hosted and looked after foreign students for years. After his numerous stays in India, I myself have had Felix explain to me the caste system, as far as he has come to know it so far, and also the colonial excesses that still exist. Felix has a clear picture of what it means to enjoy the privileges of a “white man” in India and he detests and condemns it. Certainly, this attitude is precisely the reason for his choice of study.

Felix is indeed “special” in many ways. For me, he also falls a bit into the category of “analytical–nerd”. He therefore does not always have a pronounced empathic behaviour and here, too, caution is advised against misclassification, because this in turn is paired with a great deal of caring and helpfulness.

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