Fe·lix र Gieß·mann, n.
[ˈfeːliːks ˈɡiːsˌman]

$ </etc/motd [1]

This is a website made with the plain text editor helix and loads on all your devices within milliseconds. You're welcome.

Recently (Dec 2022) someone thought the following would be some sort of SQL error. It's a joke. You may replace the variables manually to fix this website.

$ env INDIVIDUAL="Felix" \ HOMETOWN="Wuppertal" \ SPAWN_LOC="51°16'28.6"N 7°08'31.6"E" 'SELF_ASSESSED_INTELLIGENCE' of type 'Integer' cannot be set to null or empty value.

$ /usr/bin/whoami

As of 2023, $INDIVIDUAL is a graduate student of Political Science, Development Economics and Geography in South Asia at the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg

Accomplishments since his involuntary, yet very appreciated introduction to this world at $SPAWN_LOC in 1994:

He can be reached via email at $INDIVIDUAL{at}giessmann.net, via Mastodon or via my Session-ID 05212a5092e4fd13444e44d360d7e1054ad38ce00658ad2967fb26c33bcb827e57

My GPG public key fingerprint is 6D9C 0E29 898F 38E6 9D80 139C 036E DCD6 BCFE 650B

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$ </usr/share/doc/website/README

This website doesn't have an Impressum, as I do not process any data. Come at me with an Abmahnung, my dear lawyer.

There is no tracking, no cookies except on the delivery end of a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that may use cookies to provide security™

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[1] Eriksson, E. (2000) Useless Use of Cat Award. Available at: https://ar.fg3.eu/archive/1677517343.93725/singlefile.html (Accessed: February 27, 2023).

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