Fe·lix र Gieß·mann, n.
[ˈfeːliːks ˈɡiːsˌman]

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As of 2023, $INDIVIDUAL is a graduate student of Political Science, Development Economics and Geography in South Asia at the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg

Accomplishments since his involuntary introduction to this world at $SPAWN_LOC in 1994:

He can be reached via email at $INDIVIDUAL{at}giessmann.net or via Mastodon. My public key fingerprint is 6D9C 0E29 898F 38E6 9D80 139C 036E DCD6 BCFE 650B

My research interests.

Hindu nationalism, development economics, comparative nationalism studies, state-sponsored internet-trolls plz sponsor me

My personal interests.

My favourite quotes

“Particularly difficult to play: Piano concertos by Rachmaninov. Particularly hard to rinse: vanilla sauce residue on the whisk.”  –  Max Goldt.

Formal stuff

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